A Percy Jackson television series is coming out on Disney+

I love the Percy Jackson book series. They defined my reading-habits as a girl. Now, there is some news about the Percy Jackson book series. Percy Jackson will be made into a television show on the Disney+ television channel.

The Percy Jackson author named Rick Riordan is thrilled about the release of a Percy Jackson television show. “Hey, Percy Jackson fans. For the past decade, you’ve worked hard to champion a faithful on-screen adaptation of Percy Jackson’s world. Some of you have even suggested it would be a great series for Disney+. We couldn’t agree more! We can’t say much more at this stage but we are very excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality, following the storyline of the original Percy Jackson five-book series, starting with The Lightning Thief in season one,” said Riordan.

Riordan also said that he and his wife will have a hand in the show. “Rest assured that Becky [his wife] and I will be involved in-person in every aspect of the show. There will be much more news in the future, but for now, we have a lot of work to do! Buckle up, demigods! It’s going to be a fantastic, exciting ride!” he said.

There are two Percy Jackson movies that were previously released. The first movie is named Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. The movie was released in 2010. The next Percy Jackson movie was named Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The second movie was released in 2013. Logan Lerman starred in both of these films as the main character named Percy Jackson. The actress named Alexandra Daddario starred in the two movies as the main character named Annabeth Chase. The two movies closely follow the plot of the first two Percy Jackson books.

The release date of the Percy Jackson Disney+ television show is still unknown. I will update here with more news about the Percy Jackson television show when I hear about it.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

Tales from the Back Row

I loved the book of essays named Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell. Tales from the Back Row is a collection of essays about the fashion industry. Each chapter in Tales from the Back Row is focused on one topic. Some of the different topics that the book talks about are bloggers, models, and celebrities. Odell writes in a smart and in a witty way. She writes in a way that captures your attention. You want to keep reading this book as soon as you start the first chapter.

One thing that I really liked about this book is that this book seems very honest. The writer, Odell, tells-it-like-it-is about the fashion world. Odell does not paint the fashion world in a good light. She talks about how the fashion world is a crazy world to work-in. However, she also talks about how great it is to be a part of this world at the same time.

I do not usually read non-fiction books. The last non-fiction book that I read was a collection of essays named Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. I like to read books that are fiction books, science fiction books, or fantasy books. However, I am glad that I gave this book a shot. I am fascinated by the fashion industry. This book gave me a keen insight into the true world of fashion–all the ups and all the downs that you experience in that world.

I really loved this book. I thought it was fun, interesting, thoughtful, and honest. I gained insight into a world that is usually hidden behind closed doors. And Amy Odell makes you laugh all the way through.

This was a great book. I loved it. I give it a 10/10 rating.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

Rosie Girl

Rosie Girl is not a story for the faint-of-heart. Rosie Girl is a story about a girl named Rosie. Rosie’s dad dies and she lives with her step-mother and her boyfriend, Judd. Things are not okay at Rosie’s house. She decides to try to find her birth-mother who she recently discovered is still alive. Rosie does everything and anything she can to get enough money to see her mother. She even relies on her best-friend, Mary. Mary and Rosie turn-tricks to save money. The two go on a journey together to try to find Rosie’s mother when they can.

Rosie Girl is a guilty-pleasure for me. The story is dark. Rosie’s life at home is enough easy. Rosie does illicit sexual activities for money. Rosie has very few people to rely on except for her best-friend, Mary. There is a lot going on with Mary as well.

I liked this book because of the main character, Rosie. Rosie is the center of the story. You support her. You want her to win despite everything that is going on.

Now, you might wonder what I think of this book now that I’ve finished it compared to my initial thoughts? Well, in my TBR I wrote about how I thought the book would be a play on the Cinderella trope. This book is much darker than that. This book is nothing like I anticipated in my TBR. The relationship between Rosie and Mary is also very strange.

I really enjoyed this book despite the dark themes in it. I give this book a 8/10 rating. It is worth the read.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

Confessions of a High School Disaster

I absolutely loved the book named Confessions of a High School Disaster by Emma Chastain. I could not put it down once I started to read it. Confessions of a High School Disaster is about a girl named Chloe Snow. Chloe is about to enter her first year of high-school. Her mother recently moved to Mexico and she has to navigate the waters of high-school without her mother’s hare-brained guidance.

Chloe is an extremely like-able character. I love this book because of her. I like Chloe. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted her to win. Chloe is endearing, honest, and funny. She deals with a lot of different things in the book. She deals with family drama. She deals with judgemental friends. She deals with boy troubles. She manages all of that with as much spirit as she can muster.

The other thing that I liked about this book is the way it portrays a teenagers’ natural curiosity about sex. Chloe thinks about sex just like ever teenager out there. This book accurately reflects the fascination and even confusion teenagers feel about sex when you grow up.

When I wrote about this book in my TBR I said that I thought this book would be light-hearted and sweet. It is definitely like that. I also said that this book maybe similar to The Princess Diaries book by Meg Cabot. This book is somewhat similar to that. However, the main character is not like the main character in that book.

I like that this book was light-hearted. It is a very fun read. I think this book is perfect for teenagers, or for anyone who wants to laugh one second, or smile stupidly the next second. This book is a great book that I think a lot of people might like. You should definitely give it a shot.

This book is a definite 9/10.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

Stephenie Meyer will publish another book in the Twilight series named Midnight Sun

Stephenie Meyer is the writer of the popular teen book series named Twilight. Meyer will publish another installment of the book named Midnight Sun. It will be out on August 4. Midnight Sun is a book that follows the story of Twilight. However, it is from the perspective of the main character named Edward Cullen.

Meyer worked on Midnight Sun years ago. However, the first few chapters of the story were leaked to the internet. After the leak Meyer decided not to publish the book. She allowed her fans to read the chapters on her website instead. However, Meyer must have had a change of heart.

For the past few days Meyer set a timer on her website that was counting down for an unknown reason. Fans of the Twilight series deduced that this timer was counting down to the day that Meyer would speak about the publication of her new book named Midnight Sun.

Meyer went on the popular day-time talk-show named Good Morning America to discuss the book. Meyer said, “I am very excited to finally, finally announce the release of ‘Midnight Sun’ on August 4. It’s a crazy time right now and I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to put this book out, but some of you have been waiting for just so, so long. It didn’t seem fair to make you wait anymore. Sorry about the bad timing. Hopefully this book can be a distraction from the real world. I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you.”

I’m sure that many fans will be waiting impatiently for August 4 to arrive.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

Jane Eyre

I love Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Jane Eyre is a classic book that is well-worth the read. So, what is Jane Eyre about?

Jane Eyre is about an orphan girl of the same name. Jane lives with her aunt. However, Jane’s aunt sends her to a boarding school for young women. She gets a good education from the boarding school. Once she is a grown woman she moves to a manor named Longfield Manor to work as a governess. Jane is in charge of a young girl named Adele there. She works there for some time before she meets the master of the manor. The Master of Longfield Manor is a reclusive man named Edward Rochester. Jane falls in love with Mr. Rochester. However, Mr. Rochester has a terrible secret. The secret separates Jane and Mr. Rochester for some time.

Jane Eyre is a good book about a strong and a determined woman. Jane works with the gifts that are given to her to do her best in life. She struggles. She works hard. She does her best to make her way in the world. The best thing about this book is the love between Jane and Mr. Rochester. Jane’s love with Mr. Rochester is a timeless love. It is a love of the ages.

However, there are a few things that I dislike about the book. The book is a very slow read. The book is similar to Jane Austen’s book, Pride and Prejudice, in that way. It is verbose in certain parts. It is sparse in other parts.

I suggest that you read this book if you have the time to do so. However, this book is not a light-read. It is not a book that you should take with you to the beach.

That is it for this book review.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

My first TBR

This is my first TBR, or my first To-Be-Read list. I am excited to write about the newest books that I have saved-up. I will update you later with my review of each one. So, check out my TBR list below.

The Confessions of a High School Disaster: Freshman Year


I am Chloe Snow, and my life is kiiiiind of a disaster.

  1. I’m a kissing virgin (so so so embarrassiing).
  2. My best friend, Hannah, is driving me insane.
  3. I think I’m in love with Mac Brody, senior football star, whose girlfriend is so beautiful she doesn’t even need eyeliner.
  4. My dad won’t stop asking if I’m okay.
  5. Oh, and my mom moved to Mexico to work on her novel. But it’s fine–she’ll be back soon. She said so.

Mom says the only thing sadder than remembering is forgetting, so I’m going to write down everything that happens to me in this diary. That way, even when I’m ninety, I’ll remember how awkward and exciting it is to be in high school.

How I feel about this book:

I feel excited to read this book. It sounds like something that I can relate to. The character seems honest, open, and sweet. This book also reminds me of the book, The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. I can’t wait to read it.

Rosie Girl: A Novel


Rule Number One: No questions after.

Rule Number Two: Never go alone.

Rule Number Three: Your money, you business.

But most important of all…

Never break the rules.

After Rosie’s father dies, suddenly, her life goes into a tailspin. Not only has she lost her only living parent, but she’s also left in the care of her emotionally abusive stepmom, Lucy, and Lucy’s dead-beat boyfriend, Judd, whose roaming eyes have been landing on Rosie all too often lately. Rosie’s long comfort is Mary, her best friend and protector, the one person who understands her in ways nobody else ever could.

A visceral, poignant tale of friendship, loyalty, and identity, Rosie Girl is an unforgettable debut that will leave you guessing till the very last page.

How I feel about this book:

This sounds like a good book. It seems like a play-off of the fairy-tale story named Cinderella. I hope that this book has a hopeful ending like the fairy-tale.

I’m curious about Rosie. I also want to learn more about her best friend, Mary. I hope the two of them overcome the obstacles that they face to win-the-day.

Tales From the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry


The Lowdown on High Fashion

Cosmopolitan.com editor, Amy O’Dell, knows what it’s really like to be a young woman working in the fashion industry. In Tales from the Back Row, Amy–funny and fearless–takes readers behind the stage of New York’s hottest fashion shows to meet the world’s most influential models, designers, celebrities, editors, and photographers.

But first, she has to push her way through the crowds outside, where we see the lengths people go to be noticed by the lurking paparazzi, and weave her way through the packed venue, from the very back row to the front. And as Amy climbs the ladder (with tips about how you can, too) she introduces an industry powered by larger-than-life characters: she meets the intimidating Anna Wintour and the surprisingly gracious Rachel Zoe, not mention the hilarious Chelsea Handler, and more.

How I feel about this book:

This memoir sounds exciting. I love to-learn about new things like the fashion industry. This memoir also reminds me of the book, The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. I wonder if the main character, Amy O’Dell, also has horrifying stories about the fashion world like the main character in the book. I can’t wait to read this one.

Ones and Zeroes: A Mirador Novel


Overworld. It’s more than just the world’s most popular eSport–for thousands of VR teams around the globe, Overworld is life. It means fame and fortune, or maybe it’s a ticket out of obscurity or poverty. If you have a connection to the internet and four friends to trust with your life, anything is possible.

Maris Carneseca is on the hunt for a mysterious hacker named Grendel when she receives world that her amateur Overworld team has been invited to Forward Motion, one of the most exclusive tournaments of the year. For Marisa, the could mean everything–a chance to finally go pro and to help her family, stuck in an LA neighborhood on the wrong side of the growing divide between the rich and the poor. But Forward Motion turns out to be more than it seems–rife with corruption, in-fighting and danger–and Marisa runs headlong into Alain Bensoussan, a beautiful, dangerous underground freedom fighter who reveals to her the darker side of the forces behind the tournament.

How I feel about this book:

This book sounds like an urban-dystopian book. That means that it is like The Hunger Games books, but it is set in a world with advanced technology. I am excited to read it. It reminds me of the book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I wonder if this futuristic world will be as bleak as the world in Ready Player One. It sure sounds like it.

That’s it for my first TBR-list. I’m excited to start to read these novels. All four of them seem interesting and exciting in their own way. I will post a review of these books once I am done reading them.

I will see you in my next update.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London