My thoughts and opinions on… Let it Snow


Let it Snow is a great winter book for anyone who wants to read about love, about friendship, or about laughter. Let it Snow is a book written by three authors. The first writer is a man named John Green. Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson are the next two female authors.

Let it Snow is a book with three shorter stories in it. The great thing about these stories are that all the stories are connected. The book takes place on two different days during a snow-storm in a small town. The characters are different girls and boys who find love and have fun adventures in that town.

The first story is about a girl named Jubilee Dougal. John Green is the author who wrote this section of the three connected stories. Jubilee, or “Lee,” as she is sometimes referred to is on a train when a snow-storm hits. The train must stop because of the snow from the snow-storm. This doesn’t help Jubilee’s mood because she is also going through a rough time in her relationship with a popular and attractive boy named Noah Price.

Jubilee decides to leave the train to head to a waffle house. While she is at the waffle house she meets a boy named Stuart. Stuart is nursing a broken heart because of a bad break-up with his former-girlfriend named Chloe Newton. Can Jubilee and Stuart make it work with Noah in the picture and while Stuart nurses his broken heart because of the popular cheerleader named Chloe?

The next story in the book is about three friends named Tobin, the Duke (or Angie), and JP. The author named Maureen Johnson wrote this section out of the three different stories. In this story Tobin, the Duke, and JP are at home watching movies when they get a call from a friend who works at the waffle house. He tells the three that there are a group of cheerleaders staying at the waffle house during the snow-storm. The cheerleaders left the stalled train and went to the waffle house for warmth and sustenance.

Tobin, the Duke, and JP go on a dangerous journey through the snow-storm to make it to the waffle house. On the way questions arise between Tobin and the Duke. Is the two’s relationship more than friendship? Or does one person feel something while the other views the two of them as nothing more than friends?

The final story is about a girl named Addie. Lauren Myracle wrote this story. Addie (or Adelaide) is heart-broken because she and her boyfriend are at odds. Addie waited for her boyfriend, Jeb, at a planned location only to wait needlessly. Jeb did not show up. Addie has an argument with her friends named Tegan and Dorrie because of her bad mood as a result of her fight with Jeb.

So, Addie decides to do a kind deed for Tegan. Tegan waits for a special pet: a small teacup pig that she wanted for years. Addie agrees to pick up the teacup pig at Pet World for Tegan during her break at work in a local Starbucks. However, the teacup pig is sold to anther person unintentionally. The teacup pig is sold to an old woman named Mayzie.

Addie calls-up a friend who is named Charlie who she has history with to ask for a ride to Mayzie’s home. He agrees to take her to Mayzie’s home… however, the ride is unnecessary. Mayzie lives only minutes away from the Starbucks.

But will Mayzie agree to give-up the pig?

Let it Snow is a heart-warming series of stories. The stories are not only sweet and romantic… they are also funny and zany. I know the author, John Green, from his other novels. He wrote three of my favorite novels: The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska. This book definitely joins the bunch.

Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson also do a wonderful job with the two’s stories. The stories are full of wacky characters, fun times, love, and laughter.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great read in this winter season.

I definitely give this book a 5-star rating. No questions asked.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

14 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… Let it Snow”

  1. I love the winter season. I think this is just what I need to read in the evenings with a cup of hot cocoa.


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