December’s Once Upon a Book Club Box

Hi, there. I recently subscribed to a monthly book service. The name of the book service is, “Once Upon a Book Club.” In “Once Upon a Book Club” you receive a curated box every month. In the box is a new book. It also has other items in it that apply to the book. For instance, in this December box there is a copy of the book, “Jane Eyre” carefully wrapped-up. That is because this month’s book is a spin-off of the classic British story, “Jane Eyre.”

This book subscription service is great because you can get things that the characters in the book read, have, or refer to. Some of the items are also important items in the book that helped to move along the plot of the story. This book subscription service is wonderful because you get to really feel like you are a part of the book with all the additional items you receive in your monthly package.

This month, I received the book, “Within These Wicked Walls.” The woman named Lauren Blackwood is the author of this book. The main character of the novel is a woman named “Andromeda.” “Andromeda” is a witch-doctor that is hired to cleanse a beautiful mansion. The owner of the mansion is a man named Magnus Rochester. Andromeda has a decision to make: should she stay and help out this strange man, or should she leave with her tail-between-her-legs as quick as possible? Her decision will change her life forever.

These are the things that I received in December’s “Once Upon a Book Club” box. I have chosen the “Young Adult” box in particular. I received a beautiful green tapestry with the name, “Jane Eyre” written at the top. I also received a copy of the book, “Jane Eyre.”

I love this new book subscription service. I am excited every month to see the next book that is sent out to you. I also love the extra items in the book subscription box that help you to feel like you are inside of the book yourself.

This book service is a great thing to give someone for their birthday or for a special occasion.

Stay tuned to see January’s “Once Upon a Book Club” box.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

12 thoughts on “December’s Once Upon a Book Club Box”

  1. I love this. Jane Eyre is a great classic book. It is awesome that there is a book with a new take on the old plot.


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