My thoughts and opinions on… “Reached”


I finished the last book in the “Matched” trilogy. The last book in the trilogy is named, “Reached.” The author’s name is Ally Condie.

Let’s jump right into it. “Reached” stars the character who is named Cassia Maria Reyes. Cassia lives in the Society. The Society is the government that rules the country of Oria where Cassia lives with her family. The Society controls everything that a person does. In the series everyone in the Society is “matched” with someone else. Your “match” is the person that you are obligated to marry.

Cassia is “matched” to her best-friend who is named Xander. However, Cassia falls-in-love with someone else. She falls-in-love with a neighborhood boy named Ky Markham. Ky Markham is an Aberration. That means that his family has a history of rebelling against the Society that rules the country of Oria.

In this book we follow three perspectives: Cassia’s perspective, Xander’s perspective, and Ky Markham’s perspective. We follow these three as they deal with the consequences of the Rising’s actions. The Rising is the rebellious group in the Society that fights against the Society’s total control. In the novel, the Rising dethrones The Society.

Everyone has a piece to play as the Rising takes over the Society. Cassia is a novice trader. She helps people to trade things so that the person with the item can receive something that they want or something that they need. Xander is a physic. A physic is a job like being a doctor. Ky is a pilot. He flies important cargo throughout Oria. The three go through their own journey to try to find one another.

While the three are separated an epidemic spreads throughout the country of Oria. Xander is in the center of a group of people who try to discover a cure to the epidemic that mutated. Cassia plays an important role to find the cure with Xander. Ky Markham falls sick to the illness that has spread.

I had many different feelings when I read the last installment of the “Matched” trilogy. I thought that “Reached” was a dark and a serious book. Most of the story deals with how the three main characters react to the epidemic. I disliked the dark tone in the book. I wanted to see more romance. I also wanted to see Cassia’s relationship with Xander grow, change, and develop from where it was.

Cassia plays an important role to find the cure that will end the epidemic in Oria. So does Xander. Both characters do his and her own part to save the people who are dying of the epidemic.

I enjoyed this entire series. I have a soft spot for dark-topia books. However, this book was too dark for my taste. I wished to see more romance. I think that some people may feel the same way about the book because of its darkness. I enjoyed the first book in the series much more than this book. The first book in this three-part series is titled, “Matched.”

Overall, I give this book a 3-star rating. It’s an okay book to conclude this dark-topia series… however, I wished it was a more optimistic and a more positive book.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

12 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… “Reached””

  1. I read this trilogy. It was a good book series. I agree that “Reached” is a darker book. I also did not like it as much as “Matched.” Nice post.


  2. I hope you do more reviews on dark-topia books. My favorite dark-topia books are The Hunger Games books, the Divergent books, and Maze Runner books.


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