My thoughts and opinions on… “Crossed”


In my last book review I talked about the book, “Matched.” Now I am talking about the first sequel to that book. The book is named, “Crossed.” The author who is named Ally Condie wrote this book.

“Crossed” is much darker than the first book. In “Matched” the book ends with Cassia as she is taken from her safe home in the Society. Cassia is separated from her family and from the boy who she loves. That boy is named Ky Markham. Ky is also taken from his home to some unknown location.

Cassia is taken to a work camp somewhere in the Outter Provinces of the Society. However, all Cassia can think about is finding Ky. In Cassia’s work camp a group of women are taken to another camp in the Outter Provinces. Cassia slips into the group. She hopes that her transfer to another group will lead her to Ky.

Ky is in another work camp. He makes a plan to run away. He takes two people with him: a boy named Victor and a younger boy who is named Eli. They make it into an area with tall cliffs and caverns.

Later on Cassia is taken to Ky’s work camp… but Ky is not there. Cassia decides to run away, too. Cassia goes with two other people. One of the people that goes with her dies. The other person who travels with Cassia is a girl named Indie. The two become friends. They travel throughout the cavern and cliff area until they find Ky, Victor and Eli.

Throughout the whole book there are conversations about “The Pilot.” “The Pilot” is a person who allegedly runs a resistance group against the Society. The resistance group is known as, “The Rising.”

The second book in this series is much darker than the first book. “Crossed” focuses on Cassia and Ky as they live in a camp in the Outter Provinces. It focuses on the two’s struggle for survival in a region of cliffs.

The two need help. But do they find it?

Overall, I have luke-warm feelings about this book. It was a long book that did not have as much action in it as I would like to see. The book was mostly about the characters’ thoughts. I would have liked to see more scenes between Cassia and Ky. I would have liked the two of them to have conversations about the two’s feelings for one another.

I give this book a 3-star rating. I liked the first book that is named “Matched” much more than its sequel.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

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