My thoughts and opinions on… “How to be Famous”


Hello. I’m back with another book review. Today I will talk about the book that is named, “How to be Famous.” “How to be Famous” is written by the author who is named Caitlin Moran.

There’s a lot going on in this novel… so, let’s get started.

“How to be Famous” is about a woman who is named Dolly Wilde. Dolly works for a music magazine. Dolly has an interesting life. Her father is perpetually trying to live on her couch in her London apartment. Her friends, Suzanne and Julia, are eccentric musicians. She goes to fun parties. She meets interesting people. However, one night she meets the wrong person.

Dolly meets a man named Jerry Sharp. Jerry Sharp is a comedian. Dolly has one failed night with the man. Somehow Dolly goes home with him on another night out… but things don’t go as planned. Jerry takes a home video of the two’s escapades that evening… and the pornographic video haunts Dolly.

Dolly is also in love with her long-time lover who is named John. John is a musician. However, the two of them seem to be like “two ships passing in the night…” They can’t seem to catch each other at the right time for a romance to truly develop.

All of this may sound very intriguing. It sounds like the beginning of what should be a really great book. However, I found this book to be disappointing. I hated the way the book was written. It was not a clean and a concise book. There are meandering thoughts… there were long anecdotes about things that did not pertain to the heart of the book. I also found the main character, Dolly, to be pretentious and un-likeable. Dolly gets into a lot of trouble… but it’s her fault. She doesn’t make wise decisions. She doesn’t make smart, adult decisions.

So, what do I think? I give this book a 2-star rating. If you see it in your bookstore then I suggest that you pass it by for another book that catches your eye. The book may have promise but it fell flat from what it could be.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

14 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… “How to be Famous””

  1. Some books may seem great at first but then they don’t really meet-up with your expectations. It’s good that you are honest in this review though.


  2. This book does sound interesting but it doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy reading at the-end-of-the-day. I hate books that focus on un-likeable characters. This was a great honest review. Nice one.

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  3. “How to be Famous” sounds like it would be something that I would read…. but your review makes me think again. You should keep updating with honest reviews like this. Nice post.


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